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Our partners are valued members of the Heart Kids NZ family. Whether it’s through financial support, free services offered or helping to raise awareness, our partners are making a real difference for the hundreds of children and whānau impacted by a childhood heart condition every year in Aotearoa NZ.

Your support helps ensure we can keep offering our free, vital support services to heart families, so they never face their heart journey alone.

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Partners Making a Difference for Kiwi Heart Families


360 Logistics

Partners going to extreme heights and lengths to support Heart Kids NZ.

Uplift In Kind

Tony connects children’s charities to scenic flights, helicopters, military jet trainers, private jets and more.

Supercheap Auto

Over the past 12 years, Supercheap Auto have raised more than $1 million for us.

Pete’s Natural

Pete’s Natural award-winning sodas are refreshingly heartwarming.

TRC Tractors

Family-owned business launches charity-focussed promotion to support local Heart Kids NZ community.

This Is How You Can Partner With Us

Corporate Fundraising

Have you been looking for a way to do something fun at work while also helping a charity at the same time? Corporate fundraising could be the answer for you! You can hold large public-facing campaigns asking customers to donate towards your fundraising, or you can hold internal fundraisers solely for staff and internal connections; the choice is yours and the options are limitless.

Corporate Donations

We welcome corporate support in various ways, whether it’s a monetary donation or a gift-in-kind. There are plenty of ways your business can help support our heart whānau. Monetary donations go towards providing support for heart families while gift-in-kind donations go directly to families. This can either be while they are in hospital, at camp, at special heart kids events or sent to them at home.


Committing to sponsoring an event or service delivery programme at Heart Kids NZ is an incredibly rewarding way to ensure that heart families will receive the support they need. We have lots of different events and programmes that are looking for major and minor sponsors – be it local or national. If you’re interested in this kind of corporate support, we would love to have a chat with you.

Workplace Giving

Workplace giving is an easy way for your business to demonstrate leadership, corporate responsibility and allow your business and staff to be part of something impactful! Workplace giving is an easy way for your people to donate a little every pay cycle without having to do the admin work behind it. We’ll work with you to tailor the perfect plan for your business including making it easy for employees to give via payroll.

Pro-Bono Support

We know that sometimes it’s not financially viable to give a monetary donation to charities even if you’d really like to help. Have you ever thought about pro-bono support instead? Your skills or business could be in a position to support us more than you know! We are a future-focused, growth-oriented charity that is open to innovate to ensure our heart members receive the best possible support. If you have time to help us make progress towards our goals, we’d love to hear from you.


Mentoring someone outside of your business or organisation is a great way to increase employee pride and loyalty and foster a culture of trust and empowerment among your people. At Hearts Kids NZ, there are lots of areas where the expertise from your team could make a real difference. From mentoring our team to supercharge their effectiveness to being one of the first that partners with a heart teen or adult to help them gain the confidence needed to start strong in the workplace.