We are the only national organisation in Aotearoa NZ that provides free, lifelong care and support for children, teens, adults and whānau impacted by childhood heart conditions.

News of a childhood heart condition can turn a family’s life upside down. But no one has to face that journey alone. We walk alongside families through diagnosis and treatment, offering support, knowledge and guidance. We make sure that our heart families have this support freely available during hospital stays and at home in the community.

Our family support team are dedicated to being there for everyone who navigates a heart journey. Often, families are faced with separation, loneliness, isolation, financial hardship, stress and uncertainty about the future. Our team of trained, passionate family support taituarā are based around Aotearoa NZ, so families are supported when and where they need it most.

We Are Here For Heart Families 

We Are Here For Heart Families 

We Are Here For Heart Families 

We Are Here For Heart Families 

We Are Here For Heart Families 

We Are Here For Heart Families 

For 40 years, we have worked tirelessly to deliver quality support, information, connection and hope to our heart families.

Strategic Plan

We are guided by an ambitious strategy that provides the roadmap for the future.

Annual Report 2021

2021 brought big challenges, but we kept steady and continued to deliver quality services.




Regional Branches



Meet Our Team

What will I do for a heart kid today? This is the question that guides us every day.

No matter if it’s a board member, family support taituarā, fundraiser, senior leader or administrator, we are all clear on our purpose of walking alongside families as they navigate their lifelong heart journeys.


Donna Jujnovich

Member Representative (Appointed), Board Chair

Robyn Wickenden

Member Representative (Upper North)

Ashlee McCormick

Member Representative (Upper North)

Neven Harland

Member Representative (Central North)

Steve Abley

Member Representative (Upper South)

James Lawler

Member Representative (Lower North)

Arna Craig

Member Representative (Lower South)

Katie McCrae

Co-opted Member

Steve Abley

Member Representative (Upper South)

Steve Abley

Member Representative (Upper South)

Steve Abley

Member Representative (Upper South)

Senior Leadership Team

Dr Ruth Gorinski

Chief Executive

Sarah Morgan

Head of Family Support

Denise Kitto

Head of Operations

Family Support Team

Karen Whelan

Practice Lead

Robyn Lyall

Practice Lead

Ashley Mills

Hospital Family Support

Amy Laverock

Hospital Family Support

Family Support (Northland)

Family Support (Central/West Auckland)

Montee Stehlin

Family Support (South Auckland)

Elaine Paki

Family Support (Waikato)

Graham Milne

Family Support (Waikato)

Jo Gunn

Family Support (Bay of Plenty)

Guenevere Weatherley

Family Support (Hawke’s Bay)

Teresa Walker

Family Support (Rotorua)

Narelle Frampton

Family Support (Taranaki)

Alex Atkins

Family Support (Manawatū/Whanganui)

Rebecca McEwen

Family Support (Wellington)

Dee Harris

Family Support (Wellington)

Rebecca Ellis

Family Support (Nelson/Marlborough)

Claire Sword

Family Support (Canterbury)

Kat Matheson

Family Support (Canterbury)

Leeann Morton

Family Support (Central Otago)

Michael Bowey

Heart Adult Support

Hannah Akitt

Family Support (Otago)

Operations & Support Services Team

Veebha Jeram-Patel


Rebecca Coburn

Support Services (Auckland)

Karla Holloway

Support Services (Hawke’s Bay)

Amanda Findsen-Delaney

Support Services (Waikato)

Roya Landrigan

Support Services (Taranaki)

Angela Haddon

Support Services (Wellington)

Support Services (Otago)

Engagement & Fundraising Team

Alanah Gilder

Fundraising Coordinator

Alison Black

Grants Specialist

Laurel Ketel

Communications Advisor